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In direct response to the crisis of our democracy, we have created a new version of our 2001 one-person drama, I Will Bear Witness, focused on the early years of the Hitler regime for performances in living rooms. George Bartenieff won an Obie in 2001 for his striking portrayal of Victor Klemperer, a Jewish professor who kept a secret diary and survived the firebombing of Dresden and the war. He toured to London and Berlin, and throughout Germany and Austria.

This new forty-minute theater piece takes place from the time of Hitler’s election through events following Kristallnacht. Klemperer records in minute detail the manifold reactions of Jewish and Christian neighbors and friends, their shock, despair, rage and acts of resistance.

In the intimacy of a living room, Bartenieff’s Klemperer takes on a riveting presence and his words hit home with astonishing power and relevance. There is nothing between the actor, his historical character and story and the audience’s own lived experience of our uniquely troubled times. The lively dialogue that ensues builds community in safe spaces. People feel strengthened and energized.

If you are interested in hosting a performance: George Bartenieff and Karen Malpede, Theater Three Collaborative co-artistic directors, offer the experience of I Will Bear Witness: The Early Years of the Hitler Regime, to those who are willing to invite 15 to 25 friends to their homes and provide simple refreshments. The performance is free. Donations can benefit our theater’s coming season’s work at the Segal Theatre and LaMama or a not-for-profit of your choice. If you would like to receive notice of up-coming performances, please contact us.

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Theater Three Collaborative, founded in 1995, creates, develops and produces new poetic-language, character-driven plays on pressing social issues. 

We surround our plays with Festivals of Conscience, talks and talk-backs by experts in the field the play addresses.

Our most recent successes!

In The Beekeeper's Daughter a Muslim refugee woman is embraced by an eccentric American family. Our first revival of a play, Beekeeper felt newly relevant--perhaps even more so than when we first produced it during the war in Bosnia.

"The Beekeeper's Daughter is an exceptional play that bridges modernist realism with something older, more profound, more heroic. Karen Malpede writes with insight and precision about the nexus of violence and sexuality and war and identity. Her characters are strong and fascinating, her contexts brilliant and horrifying, and her tone always warm and in the end loving."
-Andrew Solomon, PEN President, author

Check out the Beekeeper's Project Page for more details about this run.


Extreme Whether is the story of a family divided over climate change. Premiered in New York, it has been seen in Paris, Denmark, and is being adapted for touring in India. We intend to mount a new production in 2017.

“Karen Malpede is one of America’s leading politically engaged dramatists”
— Prof. Marvin Carlson

 "Extreme Whether, a new play by the brilliant Karen Malpede tells a personal story in which everything is also political."
— David Swanson, The Humanist Magazine

“The play is a celebration of hope.”
— Father Paul Mayer

Check out Extreme Whether's Project Page to find out more about the history of this play.

Also coming in 2017 from Intellect Press: Plays in Time: The Beekeeper's Daughter, Prophecy, Another Life, Extreme Whether, with a foreword by Marvin Carlson, afterword by Cindy Rosenthal, introduction by Karen Malpede, and commentaries on individual plays by Christen Clifford, Rebecca Gordon, David Swanson and Alexander Schlutz, plus pages of color photos of the TTC productions.

In development: the Owl-Wolf Project, a new cli-fi drama

Telling the Truth One Play at a Time


Our last decade of plays remain newsworthy: Prophecy, 2006-2010 (Berlin, London, New York) about the cost of our wars to veterans and civilians; Another Life, 2011-2013 (Kosovo, Gerald W. Lynch, Irondale, Theater for the New City, NYC; London) the only American play to tell the truth about the U.S. Torture program; and Extreme Whether, 2013-onward, our family drama about Climate Change which needs to be more widely seen. We work on minuscule budgets to deliver productions of the highest quality.

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