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A new year filled with bold acts of justice and real progress on Climate Change.

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Our last decade of plays remain newsworthy: Prophecy, 2006-2010 (Berlin, London, New York) about the cost of our wars to veterans and civilians; Another Life, 2011-2013 (Kosovo, Gerald W. Lynch, Irondale, Theater for the New City, NYC; London) the only American play to tell the truth about the U.S. Torture program; and Extreme Whether, 2013-onward, our family drama about Climate Change which needs to be more widely seen. We work on minuscule budgets to deliver productions of the highest quality.


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Theater Three Collaborative, founded in 1995, creates, develops and produces new poetic-language, character-driven plays on pressing social issues. 

We surround our plays with Festivals of Conscience, talks and talk-backs by experts in the field the play addresses.

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Telling the Truth One Play at a Time

Extreme Whether poses a bitter debate over the future of the planet but becomes a meditation on the sublime in nature. Written in a mix of prose and poetry, with invective, humor and a full musical score, Extreme Whether sets the battle over global warming within a single family as a challenge to the American family at this moment of ecological crisis.

 A major climate scientist, his colleague and lover, an Arctic scientist, wage fierce battle with his twin sister, a publicist for the energy industry, and her husband, a lobbyist, over scientific truth and an inherited wilderness estate. His wise-child daughter and her side-kick Uncle work to protect the natural world and sabotage its abusers.
 “Karen Malpede is one of America’s leading politically engaged dramatists”— Prof. Marvin Carlson
 "Extreme Whether, a new play by the brilliant Karen Malpede tells a personal story in which everything is also political."— David Swanson, The Humanist Magazine
“The play is a celebration of hope.”— Father Paul Mayer

Listen to our excellent collection of Festival of Conscience speakers such as Dr. Jennifer Francis and Dr. James Hansen - Click Here

Opening Weekend Audience Has Spoken

"Do you enjoy great theater on an intimate scale? Are you concerned about our climate? I recommend seeing Extreme Weather."
—Marla Dekker, Townhouse.Biz
"The play is wonderful. It made my hair stand on end."
—Massimo LoBuglio, climate activist & green entrepreneur
"This play is a MUST SEE...Karen has written a masterpiece for the century. Great work to the entire cast and crew! Bravo!!"
—Deaon Griffen-Pressley, playwright
"Abe and I saw this incredibly important play last night. It's political theater at its best: smart, quirky, funny, disturbing, informative and contemplative (all in good measure)."
—Prof. Susan Nakley
"I've just seen Extreme Whether - It was a wonderful evening. The characters were engrossing and richly portrayed. The acting blew me away."
—Dr. Martha Bragin
"This was a life-changing event."
—Kenggie Malik, John Jay College student
"Want good theater? With a masterful portray of "Uncle" by George Bartenieff who speaks eloquent truth about Mother Earth."
—Matt Weinstein, peace & environmental activist

Photos (c) Beatriz Schiller