A Festival of Conscience & Another Life

Theater Three Collaborative’s production of
“Another Life”, a new play written and directed by Karen Malpede, starring George Bartenieff, and surrounded by A Festival of Conscience, Tues (7 pm) Wed-Sat (7:30 pm) March 8-24, 2012
Tickets: $15.00 Admission to play and all events. ($10 suggested donation.)

Irondale Theater Center, 85 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn.

A roller-coaster ride, surreal and real, through the past ten years, “Another Life” tells of the titanic struggle between a mogul and his physician daughter who becomes embedded in the war on terror torture program. Greed, war-lust and sexual enslavement lead to a subtle but growing resistance and whistle-blowing.  Many of the writers, lawyers and activists whose work influenced the creation of the play are participating in A Festival of Conscience.   Darius Rejali, author of Torture and Democracy, one of the world’s authorities on torture, will speak on Opening Night, March 8. Lawyer Susan Burke and journalist Donovan Webster, who interviewed hundreds of survivors tortured by private contactors in Iraq; Gabor Rona, from Human Rights First; Jonathan Hafetz, Seton Hall; Martha Rayner, Fordham Law; Tom Parker and Zeke Johnson from Amnesty International, Pardiss Kabrieai and Baher Azmy from Center for Constitutional Rights are on the list of speakers as are authors Mark Danner,  Joshua Phillips, and Charles Strozier; religious leaders from Witness to Torture, feminist writer Ynestra King and Code Pink activist, Medea Benjamin.  Young performers from Bailey’s Café in Bedford-Stuyvesant will appear. Others to be announced.