Recap of The Cherry Lane Reading


Theater Three Collaborative would like to say Thank You to all that came, donated and participated with the production of this event. Special Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Francis for joing us in our Festival on Conscience. We had a wonderful turn out to match our wonderful cast, met some new people and groups interested to help our cause and continue with our movement.

This event was held on:
Tuesday, September 10 at 2pm
The Cherry Lane Theatre
32 Commerce St., NY, NY 10014

Admission was FREE but reservations were suggested.


Our fantasic cast:

Zach Grenier as John Bjornson, Climate Scientist
Alex Tavis as Frank, Fossil Fuel Lobbyist
George Bartenieff as Uncle, Steward of the Estate
Kit Flanagan as Jeanne Bjornson, Public Relations Specialis
Di Zhu as Rebecca, Arctic Ice Scientist
Tonia Jagodnik (not pictured) as Annie, A Wise Child
Sniffley (as himself) as Biologically Challenged Frog





A Festival of Conscience talk-back with Dr. Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University, Arctic Ice Scientist, will be held after the reading.

This reading is the launch of the campaign to bring this play to full production in 2014, and is an official selection of Climate Week NYC. 

And here's what the people said:

Yesterday I attended the reading of a new play called "Extreme Whether" by Karen Malpede -- perhaps you saw the SkepticalScience post describing it:

Karen has done a masterful job of weaving together a gripping story about a family dealing with a variety of personal issues and interrelationships that are being stressed in various ways by the spectre of climate change. Two of the main characters are climate scientists facing threats by the climate denier contingent. 

Karen did her homework. The science discussed in the play is accurate and realistic, the personal conflicts are believable and highly relevant, and the dialogue is moving...keep up the great work!

Hope all's well in your orbit!




Hi Karen,

That was quite a showing yesterday for the middle of the afternoon!  And such an interested and inquisitive group as well...

As usual, you wove so many different themes together while supporting the main topic.  And also so good to laugh as much as we did.  It was a good relief from the doom and gloom of the topic while still elevating its importance and making people take notice ... and hopefully some action (like supporting the play!)...

Lastly, the speaker was great.  Very smart and a very good communicator ... she put it out there and nobody could walk away not getting it (I hope). 

xoxo G.



congratulations on the success of your reading this afternoon... george was brilliant as always.