“A new play by the brilliant Karen Malpede…adds emotional drama and strangeness aplenty to the story of climate science." -David Swanson

Set in upstate New York during the record-hot summers of 2004 and 2012, the play pits brother against sister in a bitter debate about the future of the planet. In one corner is John Bjornson, a composite of famous climatologists. In the other is his twin sister, Jeanne, an energy spokeswoman married to a skeptical lobbyist. A wise child, an environmentalist and a frog complete the cast.



We have a terrific play on a subject that could not be more important.  Please Donate and become a Producing Partner of Extreme Whether!



Listen to our friend and multi-award-winning actress Kathleen Chalfant! Below she talks about the importance of the new play "Extreme Whether", the seriousness of Climate Change and the role of Theater Three Collaborative in changing consciousness! See what she has to say about the play! 


Take a look at one of our Festival of Conscience with Jennifer Francis at The Cherry Lane Theatre


Theater Three Collaborative was wonderfully excited to take part in the Speed-Dating Scientists and Artists Event on November 6 at the Rauschenberg Gallery, co-sponsored by the Earth Institute, Columbia University, Marfa Dialogues and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

Thanks to the Human Impacts Institute for including us in Ten Days of Climate Action!  A terrific evening at Columbia University on Sept. 23 with a wonderfully receptive and excited audience who were thrilled with our story:

 A family divided by the fossil fuel industry as a climate scientist struggles to tell the truth about global warming, his daughter struggles to save the frogs, while his sister wants to frack, with this live reading of excerpts from the upcoming play from the award-winning Theater Three Collaborative.

We were asked:  "When can this play come to Oklahoma?  People would really resonate with this family story."  We were told: "I loved the inter-generational, and inter-species relationships." "It's really, really good."  We were asked:  "What can we do about global warming?"


George Bartnieff  giving directions to Karen Malpede  at the first reading of Extreme Whether, NY Horticulture Society, Dec. 2012. photo: Soraya Bourkhim

George Bartnieff  giving directions to Karen Malpede  at the first reading of Extreme Whether, NY Horticulture Society, Dec. 2012. photo: Soraya Bourkhim

To Sniffley, from your friend in Thailand.  xoxo Me. 

To Sniffley, from your friend in Thailand.  xoxo Me. 

"Readings are the only way to test drive a play. We've had three for "Extreme Whether".  Last December at the Horticulture Society, the play was 20 minutes longer and half as funny.  At Theater for the New City in April it still lacked a crucial relationship dynamic.  Last week at The Cherry Lane, "Extreme Whether," driven by a wonderful cast, played with laughs, pathos and gasps as the stakes got higher.  Thank you, each and all, who came to these readings and by your responses showed me how to knock this play into form. Finally, our audience is our best collaborator."--Karen Malpede


is a skill we need to massively acquire now as we struggle to comprehend the reality of global warming, sea level rise, and future extreme weather events.

Check out the article to learn more. 

Reading at Cherry Lane Recap:  click this link to learn more

This event was held on:
Tuesday, September 10 at 2pm
The Cherry Lane Theatre
32 Commerce St., NY, NY 10014

Featuring: George Bartenieff, co-founder of TTC, Zach Grenier, Kit Flanagan, Tonia Jagodnik, Di Zhu and Alex Tavis.

A Festival of Conscience talk-back with Dr. Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University, Arctic Ice Scientist, was held after the reading.

This reading was the launch of the campaign to bring this play to full production in 2014, and is an official selection of Climate Week NYC.


We did a wondrous campaign on Indiegogo to raise 20.5k. We have been truly touched to know so many people that support us and truly believe in this play and its message. The campaign ran from Nov. 19th to Jan. 18th. A full 60 days! It felt so good to reach out goal.



We were thrilled to announce that two staunch supporters, who believe that "Extreme Whether" is our most important play and project to date, has given a $5000+ matching grant for our Indiegogo campaign to mount a full production in 2014. Now any new donations at the time was worth double. It helped us speed over the finish line.